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Massage Bubble Slides Shoes and Slippers With Comty

Bubble Slides

Easy Comfy Weekend Style

Experience the ultimate comfort as you slide into cozy and trendy bubble slides. Whether you’re lounging at home or heading out for some outdoor fun, bubble shoes are designed to keep your feet happy and secure.

5 different color bubble slides

New Arrival of Bubble Slides

massage bubble slides

Massage Bubble Slides

pink bubble slides with charms

Bubble Slides With Charms

pink bubble slides

Pink Bubble Slides

black bubble slides

Black Bubble Slides

Why People Love Bubble Slides Shoes

Bubble Shoes Are So Cute

How can anyone deny their cuteness
You will get compliments everytime 
you go out

Bubble Slides Are So Comfy

Bubble slippers are not only cute but also incredibly comfortable.They’re more comfortable than Crocs. 
It feels like you’re walking on a cloud.

Bubble Slides near me
Bubble slippers with anti-slip feature

Bubble Slippers With Anti-slip Feature

The anti-skid feature of bubble slides ensures stability and grip on various surfaces, giving you the confidence to move with ease. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding!

Bubble Slides Can Be Worn On All Sorts Of Different Occasions

These bubble slides are perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear. Whether you’re running errands, relaxing by the pool, or taking a leisurely walk, these bubble slides are the ideal companion for your feet.

bubble slides shoes and bubble slippers can be worn on all sorts of different occasions
bubble slides shoes and bubble slippers can be worn on all sorts of different occasions
bubble slides shoes and bubble slippers can be worn on all sorts of different occasions

Why Choose The Bubble Slides™


Non-slip sole
Free Shipping
Soft & Durable

Money Back

Extra Thick 4.5cm

We take great pride in the meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials used in creating our bubble slides. Constructed with utmost care, these bubble shoes are made from 100% EVA foam, a material known for its flexibility, durability, and lightweight properties, just like the soles found in your favorite running shoes. As a result, our slides provide unparalleled comfort and longevity for your utmost satisfaction.

Ultra-Soft Massage Bubble Slides Slippers for Women Men

massage bubble slides

The perfect blend of comfort and style! 🌟👟

You can wear our bubble slippers with just about anything, super easy to slip on and off. They could be the most cost-effective, comfortable shoe out there.

Buy Bubble Slides Today

If you’re hesitant or unsure about whether to purchase these bubble slippers, please take a chance. Just go for it. Trust us. These bubble slides are the new big trend. 

Need to go to the store? Throw on our bubble slides. 
Need to get a pedicure? Throw on our bubble slides.

massage bubble slides
massage bubble slides

Bubble Slides Happy Customers

Review On Massage Bubble Slides for Women Men

This is a bubble slippers review from our customer Milan, enjoy.

I have these ultra-soft bubble design slippers here, and I'm really excited to share them with all of you. Of course, these bubble slides can be worn on all sorts of different occasions. But I love wearing them, especially when it's a little colder out. You put them on, and your feet are warm and super comfortable.

How To Style Bubble Slides?

And, of course, you can wear these bubble shoes with just about anything. For me, right now, I'm just lounging and relaxing. So, I like slipping bubble shoes on with some socks. But, like I said, you can wear them with just about anything.

There are different colors you can choose from. Personally, I love the black bubble slide here. But, like I said, you can pick and choose different colors that work best for you and your wardrobe.

These bubble slippers are really cool because they almost change colors, especially once the sun hits them. But anyways, let's go ahead and try them on. I'll give you guys my feedback on how they feel.

Are Bubble Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, bubble slides are comfortable. These are a heel-less design, as you all can see. And bubble slippers are super easy to slip on and off. Overall, I love the way they feel. It's almost like they massage your feet, especially with their design.

Bubble shoes just feel really nice, and once again, it almost feels like the soles of your feet are being massaged. So, it's definitely a nice comfortable feel, and they look great too.

Once again, I slide these bubble shoes on with socks, but you can wear them without socks and really change up your look, however, it works best for you.

But overall, I absolutely love the quality, the look, and the feel of these bubble shoes. That's why I definitely recommend them to all of you out there.

Bubble Slides Review From Lana

I will give you a shoe review on the bubble slides massage slippers that I purchased from the bubble slides™. I've seen a few people walking around with them, so I was like, "Let me go try it." I thought, "What a cute slipper to throw on" So, I'm going to give you that review, and I hope you purchase some of your own bubble slippers.

Why Are Bubble Slides So Popular?

I have been getting lots and lots of compliments on these bubble slippers. They're more comfortable than Crocs.

Bubble slides are very comfortable. Need to go to the store? Throw on the slippers. Need to get a pedicure? Throw on these slippers.

These are the bubble shoes that I've been getting lots and lots of comments on. The charms, I've also purchased from them. They just pop right into the shoe. You can personalize it and make it your own.

For some reason, when people see me, they've never seen these bubble slippers, which surprises me.

How Much Do Bubble Slides Cost?

I definitely got these from the bubble slides™ for under $30. They have several colors, so pick a color that you like.

Rate Bubble Shoes 10 Out Of 10

Anytime I'm going out to the store, or if I'm wearing heels and I'm throwing on a pair of slippers, these bubble slides are the slippers that I grab first. Going to get a pedicure? These are the slippers that I grab.

My review for these bubble shoes since I purchased them is 10 out of 10. They're very comfortable to wear. Like I said, running to the store, running errands, or going to the gas station to get a pedicure, throw on these slippers.

This is not sponsored. I just want to share my review on bubble slippers with you since I've been getting several compliments on these slippers. So, definitely take advantage and go ahead and purchase some of your own.

Again, they have several colors. I'll probably be getting more of these bubble slippers.

If you like to be stylish, purchase some charms or jibits, whatever you call them, and add your unique taste to them.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the massage bubble slides shoes.

Where Can You Buy Bubble Slides?

It feels to me like you're walking on a cloud. If you're interested, definitely go ahead and purchase your own bubble slides at I guess you can call them jibbits, that you add to design your slipper.

Bubble Slippers Review

This is a bubble slide review from our customer Alina, enjoy.

Some things are just for fashion, some things are just for the aesthetic, and the girls that get it, get it. I'm going to get straight into this bubble shoes unboxing and review.

We have two pairs of bubble shoes from I have been waiting and am so excited to get these. I've been seeing them all over Instagram and wanted to try it.

Where Can I Buy Bubble Slides Near Me?

So, I do have the green bubble slides. Some of you might be like, "Those are the cutest ugliest pair of slippers I've ever seen." Some of you might feel like it's not your cup of tea, and some of you might feel like they're different, and it's a cute little bob.

These are the green bubble shoes that I ordered. It's ideal to go a size up if you are okay with your heel hanging off the back of the shoe. Go a size up.

When I first opened these, my initial reaction was exactly the same as when I saw them online. Like, "Oh, these bubble slippers are different, kind of cute different." I like that they kind of look like little golf balls. I guess it's the textured effect that it gives. I feel like if you pair this with the right pieces, you will come out with a fire outfit.

How Much Do Bubble Slides Cost?

These bubble slides are very affordable. I paid like 50 dollars for both pairs. So, that's two pairs of trendy slippers for under fifty dollars.

Are Bubble Slides Comfortable?

A couple of people did say that their bubble slides were comfortable. I only heard one person say that they were uncomfortable. So, I will be trying them out for myself. I'm anxious to see what it feels like to walk on them.

It gives off comfy bedroom slipper vibes, but I will not wear them as slippers. I think these bubble shoes are so freaking cute. Like, what? They're honestly comfortable. They're not bad. So, that's the top view.

Bubble Slides For Kids

These bubble slides for kids are available in different colors, and they're also called spa shoes because when you put them on, it feels like you're getting a massage when you walk.

You can also put on these little sockets. You can wear them indoors or outdoors, and they're water shoes.

Trendy Bubble Slides|Bubble Slippers

This is a bubble slide review from our customer Dawn, enjoy.

These bubble styles have been trending and going around. You've probably seen them everywhere. So, I'm going to do a bubble slides review. If you hesitate to get bubble slippers and wonder if they're comfortable or worth it. I'm going to answer our questions.

I know many people might have mixed feelings about these bubbly slides, but I like them, and I'm going to get another pair. I got these bubble shoes from

These bubble shoes are quite trendy, and I really like them. I understand that not everyone may share the same preference, but for me, they were exactly what I was looking for. I tried bubbles slides on to ensure they fit perfectly, just to avoid any need for returns or exchanges.

Can You Put Charms On Bubble Slides?

Yes, you can put charms on bubble slides. Here's how they look. You'll notice they have these small holes if you want to add charms or other decorative items.

Do Bubble Slides Run Big Or Small?

In terms of size, I personally find them to be a good fit. I would give bubble shoes a rating of 9 out of 10. I plan to try more of them in the future.

Bubble Slippers Have A Soft Feel

Initially, I had some concerns when I first touched and squeezed them, thinking massage bubble slides might be hard. However, when I put them on and started walking, I realized they were actually quite bouncy and comfortable. Bubble shoes have a soft feel as you walk.

I like bubble slippers and would give them a perfect rating of 10 out of 10.

When you walk, they feel soft and definitely not hard. Bubbly slides provide a comfortable walking experience, almost like walking on clouds. So, if you were wondering about their hardness, rest assured, bubble shoes are not hard at all. They have a gentle, soft feel with a slight bounce as you walk. That's how they look and feel on the foot.

I recommend you get these bubbly slides to see how they feel. I might get orange and try some other colors.

Why You Need Bubble Slippers?

These bubble shoes are simple yet stylish. If you're interested in following the trend, I recommend giving them a try. Bubble slides offer a unique touch to any outfit.

I plan to coordinate them with my outfits, but feel free to wear bubbly slides however you like. For me, these are versatile enough to be worn both indoors and outdoors. And with that, I've covered everything I wanted to share about these shoes.

Bubble Slippers|Bubble Slide Review

This is a bubble slide review from our customer Laura, enjoy.

I ordered the new bubble slides that have been going around TikTok, social media, and Instagram. So we're going to see what they're like.

If you want to see me order another pair of bubble slides, I might actually order a pair of black ones. I got the basics right here. I might actually order a pair of black ones.

The Bubble Slides Are Of Good Quality

The bubble shoes come packaged together in an interesting way. I need to find something to cut the packaging quickly. As I handle it, I can tell that the material feels solid and not cheap. While it's not an expensive shoe, priced around $37, it definitely doesn't feel like a low-quality item you'd find at a dollar store. I hope that makes sense.

A lot of people have different opinions about these bubble slides. I think they're cool. Like, I really do think they're cool. You can put charms on bubble slides.

But my friend, the material of these bubble slides is really impressive. It's of good quality. I ordered them in my size, which is 10 to 11, and they fit perfectly. These bubble shoes are pretty cool. They feel sturdy and reliable.

Oh, and I specifically chose the beige color because I'm quite fond of it. Honestly, if I end up loving these bubble slides during my use in the upcoming week, I'll definitely do another review.

And you know what? If bubbly slides exceed my expectations, I might even purchase a pair of bubble slippers in black because they offer a wide range of colors, but black is the one that catches my eye.

Is Bubble Shoes Worth Buying?

If you're still undecided or unsure, let me tell you, these bubble slides are worth considering.

If you're hesitant or unsure about whether to purchase these bubble slippers, please take a chance. Just go for it. Trust me. These slides may become the next big trend.

Bubble slides are currently affordable, but their value will increase in the future. Of course, this is just my speculation, and I'm no expert in these matters. But that's my gut feeling.

Can I Put Charms On Bubble Shoes?

Right now, I have some charms. They come in a variety of designs, including Avengers, a money sign, Scooby-Doo, and even some rhinestone charms. There's a wide selection to choose from. I'm planning to attach these charms to the bubble slides and show you how they look when worn.

Throughout the week, I'll be taking pictures while wearing bubbly slides and showcasing different styling options or how to style them.

Alright, everyone, I've successfully attached the charms to the bubble slides. I opted for a more random arrangement, incorporating a heart, Batman symbol, skateboard, and a money sign on one slide.

I chose a money sign, zodiac sign pillow, rose, and a seal charm on the other bubble slide. It's one of those things that tends to polarize opinions—some people love it, while others dislike it.

Personally, I adore the way bubble slippers look. I'm really into this unique and eclectic style. I genuinely believe these charms add an extra flair to the bubbles slides. If you have any opinions or thoughts on how it looks, feel free to share them.

Popular Trend-Bubble Shoes, Bubble Slippers

This is a bubble slide review from our customer Jemma, enjoy.

I'm sure you all have noticed the popular trend of bubble shoes. It seems like everyone, from mothers and fathers to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews, everyone seems to have a pair. These bubble slippers have been making quite a splash everywhere you look.

Bubble Slippers Are Go-To Footwear

Alright, let me explain why I decided to get these bubble slides. It's not because everyone else has them but because I've been relying on a particular pair of slides for years.

These bubble slippers have been my go-to footwear, and I wear them daily. If I'm not dressing up, you can bet that I'll have those bubbles slides on.

However, over time, they've started to show signs of wear and tear. They're becoming worn out, and I've noticed myself tripping and stumbling while walking in them. That's something we want to avoid.

So, here's the deal, folks. I was in need of some new everyday shoes that I can rely on. The weather is still hot, so these bubble shoes are perfect for the current season. And even when it starts to get cold, I can simply throw on some cozy socks, and I'm good to go. It's as simple as that.

Bubble Slippers Are Adorable

You know what? I find these bubbles slides adorable. I've heard some people say they don't like them, calling them ugly or even scary. But for me, bubble slippers are cute. I'm obsessed with them. Bubble slides have this unique charm that resonates with my style.

Where To Buy Bubble Slides?

I'm excited to show you what everyone's been discussing. I had been searching for these bubbly slides for about two or three months. I went on Google and searched for "bubble shoes" when I was finally ready to make a purchase. The bubble slides™, the results showed up, and I clicked on the link. I chose the color I wanted, and voila! The shoes arrived in no time.

I have to say, the shipping was really quick. My sister already has a pair of bubble slides in green and pink, which I occasionally wear. So, I decided to get my own pair as well.

Are Bubble Slippers Comfortable?

These bubble shoes are adorable. Just look at them. How can anyone deny their cuteness?

I am head over heels in love with these shoes, no doubt about it. I'm telling you, I'll be wearing bubble slides every single day. They're gonna get tired of seeing me in these because I'll be rocking them just like my trusty slides.

And let me tell you, bubble shoes are not only cute but also incredibly comfortable. I've tried my sister's pair before, and they were pretty comfy. These bubble slippers are so darn cute. I mean, come on, how can anyone resist them? These bubbles slides are just too cute to handle.

Let me clarify that this is the left foot and this is the right foot. So, despite how it may appear, trust me, these bubble shoes are incredibly adorable. They're so cute!

Bubble Slides With Charms

I had the infamous bubbly slides. I've been seeing them everywhere, all over social media and on YouTube. I was like, do I want to get a pair? Do I not want to get a pair?

Typically, these bubbles slides are not really my style. And I saw the cute little charms that everybody was adding to them. So, okay, I might be able to get away with it, going to the store or doing something in the house, a nice little kick-around shoe. I decided to grab myself a pair of bubble shoes.

And then here are the bubble slides. They're kind of cute, something I can kind of get away with. Super cute. And then I like this pair of bubbles slides because sometimes you have to buy the charms separately, but this one actually came with the charms.

They have multiple different colors. They have white, they have green, they have orange. But I decided to go ahead and stick with the black bubble slides.

I really like these charms for bubble slippers because they have a gold-like appearance. One of them resembles an afrocentric woman, and there's also this adorable little monkey charm. Here's another charm that came with it. Then there's the "Dior" charm. You know, fashion girls are into Dior. "Dior." And there's this cute "Birthday Queen" charm. I also have a YSL charm.

Of course, there's a music note charm too. These bubble slides represent my style.


Bubble Slides FAQS

Bubble slides are comfortable and cushioned slippers. With their curved sole and sunshade like texture, they follows the principles of ergonomic design, providing both men and women with comfortable and stress-relieving slippers.

Yes, you can put crocs charms on bubble slides.

It’s easy to clean bubble slides. You can simply rinse bubble shoes directly under the faucet. If they’re a little dirty, you can try the following method. In a washing basin, pour an appropriate amount of water, and then add baking soda and white vinegar into the water. Do not add too much, maintaining a ratio of approximately 8 parts water to 1 part baking soda and 1 part white vinegar. You can also sprinkle some laundry detergent or add dish soap; any everyday detergent will work.

Bubble slides are also called bubble shoes, bubble slippers. 

You can check if they’re available at a nearby mall. Alternatively, you can buy bubble slides at our store. We offer worldwide free shipping and hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Don’t settle for anything less! We take pride in being the original makers of Bubble Slides, establishing the benchmark for quality and innovation. When you select Bubble Slides, rest assured that you’re getting the authentic product—no low-quality imitations here.

At the bubble slides™, you can purchase bubble slides of the highest quality at the most affordable price. Each pair is priced at $37.9 USD, and worldwide shipping is included.

No. Bubble slides do not run small. However, if you prefer a more comfortable fit, you can choose one size up.

No. Bubble slides do not run big. However, if you prefer a more comfortable fit, you can choose one size up.

You can buy bubble slides at the bubble slides™ store. We are the original and the best.

Yes, bubble slides are unisex, these shoes can be worn by both men and women, and there are no age restrictions either.

Choosing a reputable store is the most important, just like us. We sell real bubble slides.