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bubble slides review

Bubble Slides Review

Hi, my name is Taya. Today, I’m going to be reviewing some massaging slippers. They are sold at the bubble slides™. Let’s get right into this.

I’m a mommy of four and a homeschool mom at that. So, I’m always home, cleaning and caring for the kids. Something like this would be nice to have.

These little balls are supposed to massage your feet as you’re walking. They have a cushion-like feel but are not flimsy or made of cheap material. It’s pretty thick and heavy-duty.

Bubble slides would be great to also wear in the shower, like as you’re showering, because this would help exfoliate the dead skin off the bottom of your feet. So, if you want to do that, this is another great idea.

These bubble slides shoes feel incredibly comfortable. As you walk, they provide a massage-like sensation, and I can feel pressure points all over my feet. I wouldn’t call them a fashion statement, but they feel great on the feet.

pink bubble slides with charms

They would make excellent shower sandals due to their strong grip. I can imagine they would provide a satisfying exfoliating experience. I have a spacious walk-in shower, and I walk around there. These bubble shoes are perfect for that purpose and truly feel amazing on the feet.

When you walk wearing these bubble slides shoes, the little balls on them rub against your feet, providing a soothing massage. They are perfect for those days when you want to unwind or when you’ve been cleaning and your feet feel achy. They can provide some much-needed relief in such situations. The shoes are well-crafted, and the concept behind them is impressive. Now, the balls on top might appear completely smooth, but they actually have a textured surface on the inside.